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Team 8 Morphing Aircraft Schedule of Events I. Due this Friday a. CGT Majors i. PDM ii. Cost Analysis iii. Catia – model and animation for telescoping wings iv. Personal powerpoints b. Engineers i. Layout semester schedule ii. Constraint and mission analysis iii. 1. contact aero modeling club, weisshaar, wing specialist II. Due Feb 27 th a. Build telescoping wing
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Unformatted text preview: i. Mechanisms and controls b. Wind tunnel testing on engine and prop i. 3 or 4 prop better? c. PowerPoint for Final Review began III. March 5 th a. CFD comparisons b. Wind tunnel testing on whole aircraft c. Trial flights with RC control d. Finish up Powerpoint IV. March 9 th a. Enhanced testing b. Practice presentation several times...
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