ultra-as - ORTEC ULTRA and ULTRA AS Ion-Implanted-Silicon...

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ORTEC ® ULTRA and ULTRA AS Ion-Implanted-Silicon Charged-Particle Detectors ULTRA •The new standard for charged-particle detector spectroscopy •Ultra-thin entrance contact for optimum energy resolution •High geometric efficiency due to close detector-to-can spacing •Rugged and reliable Gold-plated cans for contacts that last a lifetime •Advanced surface passivation for total device stability ORTEC quality and reliability Bakeable at 200 ° C (require special order) ULTRA-AS Low-background version for alpha spectroscopy ULTRA ion-implanted-silicon detectors for alpha and beta spectroscopy are the most advanced charged-particle detectors ever produced. They possess the reliability that has made ORTEC the sole supplier to NASA of silicon detectors for space applications. Both the entrance and the back contact are ion implanted. The entrance contact is an extremely thin ( 500 Å) boron implantation. Since no epoxies are used to mount the ULTRAs, the distance between the silicon surface and the top of the mounting can is <1 mm; this provides maximum geometric efficiency. The rugged front contact, easily cleaned with a solvent-moistened cotton swab, is impervious to finger contact. ULTRA detectors have gold -plated mounting cans. The superior electrical conductivity of gold, which can never oxidize, makes it the choice vs. stainless steel or aluminum.
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ultra-as - ORTEC ULTRA and ULTRA AS Ion-Implanted-Silicon...

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