Weekly_2-14 - Weekly Progress Report#3 Background Oriented...

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Weekly Progress Report #3 Background Oriented Schlieren AAE 490R/590R 14 February 2008 Hrs. Worked Landon Baur John Tapee
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Progress in Brief – 2/14/08 Week’s Goals 1) Generate and test (qualitatively) additional backgrounds 2) Converge on camera/lens selection 3) Begin to investigate computational method/software to be used for quantitative measurements Week’s Accomplishments 1) A few new backgrounds consisting of random arrangements of dots were found online or created with Matlab. These were tested (using a dust cleaner can) with a Nikon D100 camera varying distance from schlieren object to background, zoom level, and focus (focus on background or schlieren object). In general, these backgrounds needed larger features (the dots were too small) for use in the qualitative aspect of this background- oriented schlieren. 2) Initially, a Nikon D100 with a Nikkor 24-85 mm macro zoom lens was tested as a possible camera/lens combination (this was the camera used in the background image tests mentioned above). However, since the Nikon was borrowed and needed to be returned, we settled on ordering a Canon 75-300 mm zoom lens for the Canon Digital Rebel purchased for this lab. This was a reasonably-priced lens that gives us a wide operating range with which to test our schlieren setup, with budget room to purchase a more specialized lens later on if we find the 75-300 mm lens inadequate. 3) The investigation of BOS analysis technique has just begun (slightly ahead of the proposed schedule), and there are no real accomplishments to report yet. Next Week’s Plan 1) Background generation a. Figure out how to generate backgrounds with varying dot sizes b. Create backgrounds that will still produce sufficient contrast when not in focus
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Weekly_2-14 - Weekly Progress Report#3 Background Oriented...

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