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Weekly Progress Report #6 Background Oriented Schlieren AAE 490R/590R 27 March 2008 Hrs. Worked Landon Baur John Tapee
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Progress in Brief – 3/27/08 Week’s Goals 1) Print random dot backgrounds with uniform dot sizes of only a few camera pixels in diameter 2) Determine algorithm to convert pixel displacements to density gradients a. Purely mathematically b. Using calibration of some sort 3) Study mpiv to extract displacement algorithms 4) Study Ebenezer’s PTV code to extract displacement algorithms Week’s Accomplishments 1) A dotted background of known dot sizes was not successfully created this week. Unfamiliarity with software and lack of knowledge lead to no useful backgrounds generated. 2) There should not be a need for any calibration of the system, as there are direct mathematical relationships between setup lengths, displacement vectors, and density gradients. The mathematical procedure to extract the density field involves iteratively solving the density field and specifying boundary conditions at a certain point. The details of implementing this procedure are still being worked out. 3) The mpiv software calculates velocity vectors in pixels per second, based on the displacement vector found from the given images and a user-input value of dt. By setting dt = 1 when calling the mpiv main solver algorithm, the resulting velocity vectors are actually just the displacement vectors measured in pixels. Thus, the mpiv code does not need to be modified in order to extract displacements of the image. 4) After some of his own testing, Ebenezer let us know that his PIV algorithm works fine with our images. We have yet to try this ourselves, but after some difficulties we had with the mpiv software analysis, it would be interesting to run Ebenezer’s code for comparison. Next Week’s Plan
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Weekly_3-27 - Weekly Progress Report#6 Background Oriented...

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