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Weekly_4-3 - Weekly Progress Report#7 Background Oriented...

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Weekly Progress Report #7 Background Oriented Schlieren AAE 490R/590R 3 April 2008 Hrs. Worked Landon Baur John Tapee
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Progress in Brief – 4/3/08 Week’s Goals 1) Take pictures of nozzle flow with lined backgrounds (qualitative evaluation). 2) Capture quantitative images at decreased schlieren sensitivity using small dot or speckled backgrounds. This may help PIV algorithms determine displacement vectors. 3) Continue working out mathematical procedure for extracting density field. 4) Compare mpiv with Ebenezer’s PIV code at a cursory level for any blatant advantages/disadvantages. Week’s Accomplishments 1) Lined backgrounds 2) A Matlab script was written to generate dotted backgrounds using dots with sizes of only a few pixels. This allowed us to truly evaluate whether a computer screen provides enough resolution for given flow fields. The candle plume and the shop nozzle were imaged against these backgrounds. 3) The mathematical procedure to extract a density field from displacement vectors found with PIV software was placed on the back burner this week in order to focus first on obtaining these vectors and, thus, the density gradients. 4) After several tests and evaluations, mpiv seemed to have difficulty resolving any vectors within the candle’s plume. Ebenezer’s PIV code, however, did not have the same difficulty, and produced proper displacement vectors throughout the image. This may be due to the image pre-processing incorporated by Ebenezer’s code which does not exist in mpiv. It would be interesting to see how mpiv interpreted an image subjected to the same pre-processing. Next Week’s Plan 1) Sandblast scrap aluminum to create a background with very fine (and quite random) dots. 2) Image flow in Mach 2 wind tunnel at ASL for qualitative and quantitative aspect. Hopefully, a shock pattern in the wind tunnel will be large enough and strong enough to
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Weekly_4-3 - Weekly Progress Report#7 Background Oriented...

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