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QI SUN The Microenvironment Company Nissan owns a great brand reputation as it is one of the leader in electric-vehicle technology. And it is a trusted name brand associated with its high quality, good performance, and nice reliability. Suppliers As battery is the most significant part for an electric car, Nissan make home chargers for the Leaf. The battery pack is assembled by AESC --- a joint venture between Nissan, NEC and NEC Energy Devices. Customers There would be less incentive for consumers to buy a new type of electric car rather than a traditional gas car. To solve this problem, Leaf will be released in the
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Unformatted text preview: countries whose governments offer tax credits on the Leaf. In addition, Nissan conducts a test drive tour in several cities where visitors were able to view the car and learn about the benefits of zero-emission driving. By taking such a test drive, more customers will be motivated to buy LEAF. • Marketing Intermediaries Critical Mass conducted marketing campaigns for the Leaf and won an award for the integrated online campaign work. • Competitors Nissan offers LEAF at the lowest price comparing with other electric and hybrid type cars: Tesla Model S, Coda Sedan and GM Volt....
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