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AAE 439 Homework #7 Fall Semester, 2010 Use the NASA CEA code for all problems. 1. Problem 3.8-2 in text. 2. Problem 3.8-3 in text. 3. Problem 3.8-10 in text. 4. Consider a liquid oxygen (LOX) liquid methane (CH4) rocket engine with a chamber pressure of 100 atm and a desired nozzle exit pressure of 1/3 atm. i) Plot the vacuum Isp as a function of mixture ratio and determine the optimal mixture ratio for this propellant combination assuming shifting equilibrium. ii) For the optimal r value, plot the mass fractions of the six most prominent chamber
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Unformatted text preview: species as a function of position in the nozzle – include enough points in the supersonic portion of the nozzle to resolve your curves. iii) Plot γ and molecular weight as a function of expansion ratio at the optimal mixture ratio condition. iv) Repeat part (i) assuming frozen flow. Explain the differences that result in Isp in terms of nozzle recombinations and changes in γ and molecular weight....
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