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AAE 439 Homework #1 August 25, 2008 Due Date: Aug. 27, 2008 NAME: Problem 1: During the fall, the weather conditions in Indiana can change drastically within an hour and have the tendency to deteriorate rapidly through the month of October. Therefore, the schedule for the Rocket Launch Project (RLP) is very aggressive since we have to launch before October break of this semester. As you can see from the schedule included in your RLP Resource Booklet, we have only about six (6) weeks to build and test the rocket and to write and debug the trajectory prediction code. Your task for this homework is to read the RLP Resource Booklet.
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Unformatted text preview: The RLP Resource Booklet provides you with many aspects regarding model rocketry, such as construction guidelines/tips, hardware components and hardware description, model rocket motor classification and performance characteristics, etc. Familiarize yourselves with these aspects! Start planning the construction phases of the model rocket and trajectory code! Think about the analytical discussions, which you have to accomplish, to accompany the experiments namely stability, thrust, drag (ascent/descent)! Review carefully the schedule provided in the “Calendar” section!...
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