Econ Sylabus - Economics 201 Mark Witte Northwestern...

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Economics 201 Northwestern University Intro to Macroeconomics Mark Witte Department of Economics Fall 2005 Basic Course Information Contact: Office: 311 Andersen Hall; Phone: (847) 491-8481 (Office). E-mail: [email protected] Class meets: Leverone Aud, Tuesday, Thursday from 12:30-1:50, with TA section on Monday or Friday at various times. Office Hours: For Mark: Tuesday, 2:00-4:00, Wednesday 9:30-11:30, all in Andersen 311. If those hours don’t work for you, please ask me for an appointment and we’ll find a time to meet. We will announce TA office hours soon. They will be held in Andersen 328 (right by the elevators.) Please feel free to visit any TA who has convenient hours for you. Texts: Macroeconomics: , 1 st ed. (2006), by Paul Krugman and Robin Wells. Worth Publishers. (This book is not available in stores yet, so we will use draft copies.) New Ideas from Dead Economists , (any edition), by Todd Buchholz. Plume Press. Web notes on my homepage. ( ) and the courses page for this class, ( ) Class Date Lecture Topics and Other Important Info (TA section descriptions of following Friday and Monday sections.) Chapters to Have Read to Match Lecture for Day KB = Krugman & Wells, TB = Buchholz. There are daily notes on the web. Tues. Sept. 20 How economists think ( as if you really wanted to know. ) Opportunity costs. KW 1. TB I (Introduction). Thurs. Sept. 22 M i croeconomics : PPFs. Supply and demand. No TA section this week. KW 2, 3. TB II (Adam Smith). Tues. Sept. 27 More supply & demand. Elasticity. Profit. KW 4, 5 TB VII (Marshall). Thurs. Sept. 29 Market structure – perfect competition, oligopoly, monopoly. TA section: Microeconomics. TB VIII (Institutions), XI (Public Choice, only pp. 247-263.) Tues. Oct. 4 Finishing Micro: Market failures. Externalities and Public Goods. TB III (Malthus). Thurs. Oct. 6 M a croeconomics : Circle flow of income. Growth. Fluctuations. TA section: Computing Unemployment and Inflation. KW 6, 7 TB IV (Ricardo) Tues. Oct. 11 Long-Run Economic Growth. (And computing a Price Index) KW 8. TB VI (Marx). Thurs. Oct. 13 Saving, Investment Spending, and the Financial System TA section: Exam preparation. KW 9. Tues. Oct 18 MIDTERM 1 - Lectures and material from September 20 – October 13. Thurs. Oct 20 Income & Expenditure: Macroeconomic equilibrium. TA section: GDP equilibrium table. KW 10, 11. TB IX (Keynes). Tues. Oct 25 Fiscal Policy, Government Deficits and Debt. KW 12. Thurs. Oct 27 Money & Banking TA section: Money multipliers. KW 13. (Money and Banking). Tues. Nov. 1 Monetary Policy KW 14. (Monetary Policy).
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Econ Sylabus - Economics 201 Mark Witte Northwestern...

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