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1.1_Review_of_functions.notebook 1 Unit 1: Characteristics of Functions and Properties 1.1 Review of Functions A function. .. ‐ is a rule that associates one element of a set A to only one element y of another set B Domain ‐ cannot have more then one y value for each x value ‐ can be tested on a graph with a vertical line test Range ‐ can be represented in 3 ways: Graphically Numerically Algebraically graph on the Cartesian Plane set of ordered pairs T.O.V Mapping diagram equation Example 1 Explain whether the relation is a function. State the Domain and Range of each. a) b) c) y = 1 x d) f(x) = 3 √x-1 +2 e) g(x) = (1, 2), (1, 4) { }
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1.1_Review_of_functions.notebook 2 5 Main types of functions Linear f(x) = x Quadratic f(x) = x 2 Square root f(x) = x Absolute value f(x) = x Sinusoidal f(x) = sin x or f(x) = cos x Reciprocal f(x) = 1 x Transformations of Functions Example 2 a) State the transformations from y =f(x) to y = 2f(3x+6)-1 b) For f(x)=
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1.1_Review_of_functions - 1.1_Review_of_functions.notebook...

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