1.6_Piecewise_Fns - ns : a) f(x)= b) g(x)= { 1 x ,...

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1.6__Piecewise__Functions.notebook 1 September 14, 2009 Unit 1: Characteristics of Functions and Properties 1.6 Piecewise Functions Recall The absolute value function f(x) =|x| is defined as f(x) = { x, x 0 -x, x < 0 This is a piecewise function x y 0 Def: A function defined by using two or more rules on two or more intervals . As a result the graph is made of two or more pieces of similar or diff. functions. Parking at the Airport: - $5 for first 2 hours - $5 flat fee and $3 for each additional - $47 maximum daily. Example 1 f(x)= { 5, x 2 3(x-2) +5, 2 < x ≤16 47 , 16<x 24 Find the equation for this piecewise function and its graph. Solution
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1.6__Piecewise__Functions.notebook 2 September 14, 2009 Example 2 { -x , x<0 -x, 0 x<5 -6, x 5 Graph the following piecewise f
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Unformatted text preview: ns : a) f(x)= b) g(x)= { 1 x , x&lt;2 x 2 , x 2 Example 3 Find the function described in this graph: 1.6__Piecewise__Functions.notebook 3 September 14, 2009 A piecewise function can be either continuous or not. If all the pieces of the function join together at the endpoints of the given intervals, then the function is continuous. Otherwise, it is discontinuous at these values of the domain. Note: E.g. discontinous continous Example 4 Determine if the follwowing f cn is continous or not over its Domain. Then graph it to check your answer: f(x)= { 2-x , x&lt;0 sinx, 0 x&lt;390-(x-400) 2 , x 390 Hwk: page 60 #1abdef, 2,3,5d,6,8,11...
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1.6_Piecewise_Fns - ns : a) f(x)= b) g(x)= { 1 x ,...

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