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Unformatted text preview: 4.1.applications.lesson October 09, 2008 4.1 Applications of Polynomial Equations Ex. 2 The population P, in thousands, of a city t years from now is modelled by P(t) = t3 + t2 ­ 2t + 10. City council decides that when the population has quadrupled its current value, construction of new homes will be limited. When will this limit take place? Ex.1 A rectangular box for packaging chocolates is to be made from a piece of cardboard 30 cm by 24 cm. the cardboard is folder according to the diagram, and its capacity should be 648 cm3. Find its dimensions. 24 cm 30 cm height width length 1` hwk pg 204 #10­14, 16, 18 Oct 8­9:08 PM Oct 8­9:23 PM 1 ...
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