BUS599 Written Assignment Instructions

BUS599 Written Assignment Instructions - Graded Assignments...

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Graded Assignments Written Assignments: There are two (5) Written Assignments . These Written Assignments are due no later than midnight the Sunday of the appropriate week. A schedule is in the Student Course Guide, Section IV . Late work can be assessed a maximum of ¼ of the total points for that assignment if within a week from the due date. Anything turned in beyond the week after the due date may not receive any credit at the discretion of the Professor. If you know you are going to be late in advance, please contact the Professor, either by using the Private Questions for the Professor” Dropbox, by email, through the “Q & A for the Professor”, or by phone, prior to the due date. If you are unable to notify the Professor prior to the due date, notify the Professor immediately as you are able. Waiting until the last 2 weeks of the term is normally not accepted for previous work missed. Written Assignments are topics that are individually written requiring posting in the appropriate Dropbox . Written Assignments must be between 4-6 minimum total pages not including the Resource page and cover page. That is, the content in the body of the Written Assignment must be 4-6 pages and presented as specified below in “ All written assignments will be submitted under the Dropbox tab ”. Do not email these assignments. Further instructions will be in the Course Shell in the appropriate assignment. Each Written Assignment will have its own Week in the “Select View:” under the Dropbox tab. To submit each Written Assignment , first write your response in MS Word 2003 or 2007. Save it using a file name as specified below . When saving your written assignment file and uploading into the Dropbox you are required to use the following format, less the punctuation, as your file name : “your last name: course # and section; week #; assignment #; and location of the document (Dropbox)”.
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BUS599 Written Assignment Instructions - Graded Assignments...

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