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ENG 208 Paper Three - English 208 Honor and Glory in The...

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English 208 Honor and Glory in The Iliad and Beowulf Honor and glory are distinct themes in Homer’s The Iliad and the epic Beowulf. Throughout history, stories of heroic characters displaying great honor and glory abound. In The Iliad , Achilles is the character that is usually examined for his personal honor and quests for glory. However, Prince Hector in The Iliad exemplifies the greater honor and glory, because his actions are not only for his personal sense of honor but also for the honor of his family and the citizens of Troy. In the epic of Beowulf , the focus is on the glory of Beowulf. Though his actions are honorable, his ultimate goal is to be remembered and glorified for his accomplishments. Although both heroes are noted for their honor and glory, Hector’s heroic attributes seem to be purely honorable, and Beowulf’s focus is for fame and glory. Although the Trojan War began due to the dishonorable actions of Hector’s younger brother, Paris, Hector is the one to defend the honor and safety of Troy. Hector is renowned for being courageous and his fighting abilities in battle. Hector’s honor is great that he explains to his wife that he would die of shame if he turned coward and did not go to battle with the Achaeans. He further explains that he will fight bravely for glory for his father and himself (Iliad 6.389-95). Being so honorable himself, Hector is ashamed of his brother’s actions. Paris first dishonored himself, his family, and Troy’s citizens by stealing Helen from her husband, Menelaus. Paris also broke the sacred laws of hospitality when he stole his host’s wife under the cover of night. Knowing their compatriots hold Paris in contempt for his dishonorable behavior
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ENG 208 Paper Three - English 208 Honor and Glory in The...

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