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0910-fall09-midterm-exam - Midterm Examination Fall TERM...

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Midterm Examination Fall TERM 2009 Computer Science 246 Software Abstraction and Specification Sections 01 Start Time: 16:30 End Time: 18:20 Number of Exam Pages (including cover sheet): 5 Total number of questions: 8 Total marks available: 86 CLOSED BOOK, NO ADDITIONAL MATERIAL ALLOWED Instructor: Peter Buhr October 27, 2009 1
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Midterm Exam – CS 246 (F09) 2 Be brief, but you must answer the question! Do not rephrase the question in your answer; use point-form when possible. PROGRAMS DO NOT REQUIRE COMMENTS. 1. (a) 2 marks What is a shell ? (b) 3 marks How are file names organized? Give a very brief description. (c) 2 marks What is a hidden file and why are they hidden? (d) 3 marks Write a globbing pattern that matches file names that do NOT start with the characters x , y , or z , followed by any number of characters, and ending with the suffix “ .cc ”. (e) 3 marks With respect to file permissions, what groupings can users be organized into, and what access control is allowed for users in each group? 2. (a) 1 mark What is unusual about the basic type int in C/C++? (b) 2 marks Give the values in each variable after the following code fragment has executed: int i = 3; . . . { int k = i, i = 4; . . . { int i = i; // GIVE VALUES OF VARIABLES HERE (c) 3 marks What are the 3 fundamental drawbacks of C strings? (d) 2 marks How does the C++ string type eliminate the drawbacks in question 2c. (e) 2 marks What is a designated constant ? Give 2 examples. 3. (a) 2 marks Variables p1 and p2 are pointers. In general, why is this assignment ambiguous? p1 = p2; (b) 6 marks Draw a picture of the stack at the point where rtn is about to return. int rtn( int * &r ) { int i = 7, * pr = r; r = &i; // STATE OF STACK HERE } int main() { int i = 3, * pi = &i; rtn( pi ); } (c) 2 marks Explain what is wrong with this code fragment and how to fix it: int * parr = new int [10]; . . .
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