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bis102-9-30-lec4 - charge of R-group Alanyglycine only has...

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By convention- Amino acid on the right still has the free carboxyl terminal end. Left is amino terminal end. Right is carboxyl terminal end. By convention peptides and proteins are always designated beginning with the amino acid that has a free terminal end. C-terminus- only free carboxyl group (right side) N- terminus- only free amino group on left side. Polypeptide backbone- main component in the center Side chains - sticking out from the backbone. peptides- polymers of amino acids ONLY THING THAT MATTERS TO DETERMINE PKA is C-terminus, N-terminus and
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Unformatted text preview: charge of R-group. Alanyglycine- only has two pkas -- one from the carboxyl terminal group of of glycine and the amino group of alanine. Ion exchange chromatography is commonly used- cation exchange using resin with sulfonic acid groups attached to it. resin- beads that are insoluble The resin would be cationic- exchange resin. The resin would bind to positively charged molecules (notice the negative charge on the sulfonic group)...
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