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bis102-10-19-lec12 - N-asparagine X any S-serine T if...

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10/19/2011 Post translational modifications of proteins. -after synthesis, proteins can undergo a series of modifications, some of which occur before folding and others after folding. -proteins modified covalently. -how does it know that its going to be modified. how to the enzymes know where to put the groups on? -it turns out that there are specific consensus sequences of amino acids. there are a certain patterns that must be present in an amino acid-- called consensus sequences 0r motifs. -many of the covalent modification sof proteins that occur are dependent upon the ability of the modifyig enzyme to recognize particular consensus sequences (motifs) within the protein. -ex. secretory proteins can be glycosylated on asparagine residues when they enter the secretory system of the cell if they contain a N x S/T motif within their sequence.
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Unformatted text preview: N-asparagine X- any S-serine T- if protein contain this sequence it doesnt necessarily mean that it will get modified . ... sometimes it folds. Another example of modification :- addition of a phosphate group. -consensus sequence recognized by protein kinase A, an enzyme that phosphorylates serine or threonine residues is RRXSZ or RRXTZ where X is a small amino acid and Z is a large hydrophobic residue. Proteolytic modifications- many proteins have been found to be trimmed or have pieces cleaved from them by specific proteolytic enzymes. -this was found early in the case of some enzymes in the digestive system that are stored in the pancreas as inactive precursors, called zymogens and activated by proteases cleavage after release into the small intestine....
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bis102-10-19-lec12 - N-asparagine X any S-serine T if...

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