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Arthropod-Vectored Human Diseases 1. Cycle a. Pathogen (disease) b. Vector (carrier) c. Intermediate host (sometimes) d. Human host 2. 1 of 6 people affected by an insect carried disease 3. People die every 12 – 30 seconds 4. Medical entomology a. Today the WHO estimates that over 500 mil. People suffer from arthropod- vectored diseases 5. History a. Plague killed 25% of Europe during the Dark Ages b. Exclusion of humans and livestock from major portions of Africa (sleeping sickness) c. Napoleon lost more men to disease than warfare c.i. Louisiana Purchase because of yellow fever in Haiti, d. Changes to US constitution because of yellow fever in Philly Disease Vector At risk Infected Malaria Mosquito 2.4 billion 300-500 mil Schistosomiasis Water snail 600 mil. 200 mil. Filariasis Mosquito 1.09 bil. 117 mil Sleeping sickness
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Unformatted text preview: Tsetse fly 55 mil. 250-300 thou./year Dracunculiasis Copepod 100 mil. 100,000/year Leishmaniasis Sand fly 350 mil. 12 mil. River blindness Black fly 123 mil. 17.5 mil. Chagas disease Kissing bug 100 mil. 18 mil Dengue Mosquito 1.8 1. Yellow fever a. Virus from infected mosquito b. Tropical Africa and south America c. Vaccine is available d. Symptoms d.i. High fever, chills, headache, muscle aches, vomiting, backache, organ failure, possible death (15-50%) e. In 1905, New Orleans recorded the last epidemic of yellow fever in the US. This mosquito has changed history, because until an eradication program was instituted in the early 1900s, the construction of the Panama Canal could not be completed....
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