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Arthropod-Vectored Human Diseases_2

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a. FL had outbreaks in 1800s, mail was quarantined, last case in fl was 1918. 2. Malaria a. Mosquito vectored b. Mostly tropical (still use DTD in some areas) c. Prophylaxis available – not a cure – just preventative d. 1000 travelers return to US with malaria each year 1200 cases reported e. WHO – 500 million cases each yar & 1 mil. Deaths f. Introduction into N. America because of slave trade1 person dies of malaria every 12 seconds g. Majority of victims are younger than 5 years old h. Symptoms h.i. Fever, flu-like, shaking, chills, headache, muscle aches, tiredness, 3. Watch the winged scourge (1943) 4. Trypanosomiasis a. Africa (sleeping sickness); tsetse fly b. Americas (chagas disease); kissing bug c. African sleeping sickness affects as many as 500,000 people, 80% eventually die, and the bite of the fly causes more than $4 billion in economic losses annually d. Causes shitty shit 5. Bilharzia a. Caused by parasitic worms called Schistosomes (trematodes) b. its a worm and is transmitted via snails c. Swells belly; initial infection is asymptomatic,
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