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1. Cosmic References a. Constellation references a.i. Musca (Australis) the Southern Fly a.ii. Musca Broealis (northern fly); Vespa (the wasp); Apis (the bee) the Ram b. Choctaw legend b.i. The Choctaw people say that when the people first came up out of the ground, people were encased in cocoons, their eyes closed, their limbs folded tightly to their bodies b.ii. And this was true of all people; the Great Spirit took pity 2. Water and pests in Bali a. Food is important, dip shit b. The Balinese agricultural tradition entailed complex religious, social and technical processes that optimized water sharing on the Indonesian island c. Their growing practices also reduced pest infestations and successfully yielded rice and other food crops 3. Aztecs a. Grew amaranth a.i. Most nutritious crop a.ii. Outlawed by Catholics because it was used in human sacrifice rituals – cut off hands of growers a.iii. A few plants remained in the mountains b. Ate insects as food c. Created floating gardens (chinampas)
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