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Folklore and superstition_3

Folklore and superstition_3 - and inflammation a.iii Boosts...

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Lecture 11 a. Theory of origin – person hung on a cross b. Theory of origin – baker’s shit c. “the wizard of Oz” L. Frank Baum and Noel Langley 2. Nazca spider in Peru a. Measures some 150 feet in length formed by one continuous line b. Depicts a unique spider found in Amazon (geuns Ricinulei) c. This is a rare spider 3. Victorian tea rituals a. Green tea a.i. Rich in fluoride so drink after meals a.ii. Use as poultice by placing damp leaves on insect bites to reduce itching
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Unformatted text preview: and inflammation a.iii. Boosts immune system 4. Urban legends a. Story : a.i. A woman met a man while out on the town one night; she had a sleepover! a.ii. Later she felt ill, went to the doctor. He said she was infected with corpse-worms (maggots) a.iii. The stranger was a pathologist in a local hospital and had fornicated with a decomposing corpse earlier that day b. Printed as fact in NY paper...
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