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Forensic entomology_1 - deceased 2. The process of death a....

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Record setting bugs: What has the most toxic venom? Harvester Ant What is most resistant to pesticides? Green Peach Aphid What type of bug holds the most records? Fly Forensic Entomology 1. Forensic Entomology: a. The application of study of insects and other arthropods to legal issues b. Use of insect knowledge in the investigation of criminal or civil disputes b.i. Deals with insects affecting man and his environment b.ii. Loss of revenue due to insect damage b.iii. Pesticide use c. Divided into 3 categories c.i. Urban c.i.1. Mostly civil c.i.2. Stored product insects are found in stored commercial foods c.i.3. Often the forensic entomologist is called as an expert witness during trials involving good contamination c.ii. Stored product c.ii.1. c.iii. Medicolegal c.iii.1. Mostly criminal c.iii.2. Use of necrophagous and necrophilius insects to predict Post Mortem Interval (PMI) and other factors involving the
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Unformatted text preview: deceased 2. The process of death a. Somatic death a.i. Organism is irreversibly unconscious a.ii. All cellular activity does not stop at this point b. Cellular death b.i. Individual cells/organs cease functioning at carrying rates b.ii. Very important when discussing decay 3. A forensic entomologist: a. Identifies immature insects b. Determines the size and development of insects c. Calculates the growth of the insects and passage through stages of the life cycle in lab d. Compares the growth against weather conditions to estimate time of oviposition 4. Predict MPI a. PMI = post mortem interval b. Environmental factos b.i. Temperature, moisture, exposure b.i.1. Decomposition rate, insect colonization c. Presence of Rigor Mortis c.i. Stiffening of body muscles due to lactic acid...
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Forensic entomology_1 - deceased 2. The process of death a....

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