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1. What’s silk a. Spider makes 7 kinds of silk – prey, eggs, web b. Spider’s silk is made up of chaines of amino acids; it’s simply a protein c. Two primary amino acids are glycine and alanine d. Spider silk is extremely strong 2. Bullet proof vests a. Black widow spider 3. Silk moths a. Bombyx mori; mulberry trees; ancient China b. Art of producing silk cloth reached France, Spain, and Italy in the 12 th cent. c. 1718 a patent was obtained for a “new invention of 3 sorts of engines never before made or used in great Britain, one to wind the finest raw silk, one to spin, and one to twist; 4. Honey a. Sumeria Assyria and babylonia a.i. Honey was poured over thresholds and stones bearing commemorative offerings a.ii. Honey and wine were also poured over bots that were to be used in ssacred buildings b. Greece b.i. Offer honey to gods b.ii. Ferment honey to make mead c. Bees must tap about 2 million flowers for one pound of honey production d. Females make honey e. An average worker bee will make about 1.5 teaspoons of honey in its lifetime
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Unformatted text preview: f. Native Americans called honeybees “white man’s flies” because Europeans brought bees to the new World g. Americans consume about 1.1 Honey/year h. The beehive state is Utah i. Almost 212,00 beekeepers in USA j. De-capped, extracted, filtered )pantyhose used in small operations_ k. USDA Bulletin k.i. Honey is composed mainly of a variety of sugars, traces of pollen and water k.ii. There are also enqymes present 5. Beeswax a. A bee consumes 6-10 pounds of honey for each pound of wthe wax that it secretes in small flakes from glands on the underside of its abdomen b. Beeswax is obtained by melting the honey comb, training the wax, pressing the residue to extract any remaining wax c. Used for candles, artificial fruit and flowers, for modeling wax, furniture, floor waxes, leather dressings, waxed paper, cosmetics, ointments d. Catholic Encyclopedia e. Honeycomb is hexagonal, made of wax 6. Honeybees a. Dance to communicate...
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