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Seeds of Change 1. 5 plants that transformed mankind - Henry Hobhouse. 1986. Harper & Rowe (New York). 252 p. 2. ?s the book asks: a. Why were JFK and MLK Americans b. Why do teacups have handles? c. How were the Germans able to wage WWII? d. Why did the English prefer white bread? 3. Cinchona a. Drinking tea made from bark of cinchona tree could possibly cure/treat malaria b. Contains quinine c. Germans developed first biochemical assembly line in search of prophylactic (pill form of medicine) d. This stimulated they’re economy enough to fund WWI, II, and the Holocaust 4. Sugar a. 1800s: “East India Sugar Not Made By Slaves” b. Native to Polynesia c. Plantation crop in America due to a tobacco glut: who would have believed it? d. Honey was the great sweetener before sugar e. Before 650 BCE, honey was “hunted”; bees were not domesticated f. Today, some cultures eat > 4 lbs. sugar/week g. Refined sugar 5. Tea a. Tea, coffee, and cocoa arrive in London in 1652
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Unformatted text preview: b. The word “tea” occurs in Shakespeare c. Portuguese earliest tea drinkers in Europe’ brought to Lisbon in about 1580 d. Fact: all successful non-alcoholic drinks contain socially acceptable stimulating drugs e. Chinese drink tea tepid, but Europeans wanted it hot; Teacup handles were born f. ^ built 30-40% of Europe's economy at the time 6. Cotton a. First American cotton arrived in Liverpool in 1784; a single bale (same year as Treaty of Versailles legitimized the independent US) b. Cotton exports grew from 1 – 4 million bales annually c. Cotton culture encapsulates the American south, including slavery and the Civil War d. Much improved fiber over flax e. One of the most powerful corporations in the world is America’s Cotton Corporation f. Bale of cotton 500 lbs g. Enterprise, Al; bole weevile...
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