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Fleas - c.iv Eggs and pupae may remain viable after 6...

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Lecture 8 1. Fleas a. Medical importance a.i. Feeds on BLOOD of cats, dogs, humans a.ii. Can cause flea allergy dermatitis a.iii. Intermediate host of tapeworm a.iv. Can rarely transmit bubonic plague b. ID b.i. Reddish-brown to black c. Habits c.i. Adults require fresh BLOOD to produce eggs c.ii. Humans are not satisfactory hosts c.iii. Stimulated to emerge from pupal cocoon by body heat, vibration, and
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Unformatted text preview: c.iv. Eggs and pupae may remain viable after 6 months d. Distribution d.i. Throughout southeast 2. Brown recluse spider a. ID a.i. Body is yellowish, light tan, or dark brown a.ii. Encounterd by b. Medical importance b.i. Both sexes are venomous b.ii. The bite is not felt b.iii. Infection at bite site causes greater damage than bite...
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