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Lecture 2 How do Bugs Grow? 1. Phylum Arthropoda – Insects, arachnids, crustaceans, millipedes, centipedes, horseshoe crabs (+1,000,000 species described) 2. Invertebrates a. Animals w/o a backbone b. Largest group of animals on planet earth 3. Insect development a. Ametabolus (no stages of life) a.i. Ex. silverfish b. Hemimetabolous (nymphs/naids = terr./ aquatic) – half-developed b.i. Egg nymph adult c. Holometabolous c.i. egg larva pupa adult d. each stage is called an instar 4. idea of molting a. they outgrow exoskeleton b. molting is a multi-step process c. chitin makes exoskeleton hard 5. poikilotherms a. cold blooded b. development, reproduction and activity are functions of ambient temperature c. poikilotherms = varied-heat 6. Mathusianism a. rev. Thomas Malthus (1766-1834) a.i. Darwin read his works b. Exponential population Growth b.i. Lack/shortage of food
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Unformatted text preview: c. Solutions c.i. Hunger/famine/war/disease c.ii. Moral restraint – strict abstinence until marriage, delayed marriage (can support family) c.iii. Lessen public assistance of the poor since “poor laws create the poor which they maintain” 7. Population Growth a. dN/dt = r(K-N)/K b. K=carrying capacity c. R=Reproductive Rate d. N=population number over time 8. Can we keep feeding the world’s pop? a. We are close – our food supply is fragile b. Ex) 12-15 yrs. To develop new rice. And only 2 generation of insects to attack the new species c. We are still far away from moving genes and instead use “plant condoms” 9. Determine rise/decline in pop. Lecture 2 a. Growth and development b. Reproduction c. Consumption d. Mortality e. Movement...
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L2_How do Bugs Grow - c Solutions c.i...

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