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Lecture 5 Bug Mythology 1. Khepri – total solar eclipse scarab a. Khepri distinctly resembles a solar eclipse b. The scarab beetle was the image of self-creation for ancient Egyptians. Worshipped under the name khepri “he who came forth from the earth”. c. It was believed that the scarab pushed the sun across the sky d. In hieroglyphics, the beetle actually meant 2. Scarabs a. Adult female rolls the dung ball backwards b. She buries it with her eggs c. Larvae mature underground d. Adults emerge e. Image of self creation 3. Greek mythology a. Arachne – the spider and her weaving challenge to Athena the patron goddess of handicrafts b. Athena grabbed her opponent’s tapestry and tried to find flaws, in vain. Blinded by jealousy and angered at arachne’s choice of subjects, the goddess tore the tapestry to shreds and hit the girl across the forehead with a shuttle c. Arachne hung herself 4. “all cultures use myth to explain what the see or can’t understand. As prevalent as insects
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