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L8_ Bugs that eat you - a.ii Burrows into outer layers of...

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Lecture 8 Ectoparasites 1. Bedbugs a. Medical importance a.i. Feeds on blood of humans and pets (prefer chickens) a.ii. Bite may cause sores and inflammation a.iii. Bed bug-related complaints are on the rise b. ID b.i. Brown b4 feeding, red & swollen afterwards c. Detection c.i. Found in: bedding, furniture, walls, behind wallpaper, under wood flooring c.ii. Sleeplessness and skin irritation c.iii. Fecal spots (from your blood! ) found on bedding c.iv. Excrement found around entry into hiding places c.v. Sweet odor when numerous d. Habits d.i. Live where people, birds, and other animals sleep d.ii. Leave their hiding places and feed on human BLOOD at night d.iii. Hide in cracks and crevices d.iv. Spread to new locations on bedding, furniture, clothing, and luggage e. Distribution f. Throughout southeast 2. Scabies a. Medical importance a.i. Attacks humans and cause human mange, or scabies
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Unformatted text preview: a.ii. Burrows into outer layers of skin, inducing intense itching and causing a rash a.iii. Must be treated by a physician. Evan after successful treatment the infected person may experience episodes of severe itching a.iv. Humans rarely suffer discomfort until the infestation is well established b. ID b.i. Transmitted by direct contact with an infected person or dog c. Detection c.i. Affects the areas around the waist, armpits, nipples, groin, buttocks, elbows, knees, space b/w fingers c.ii. Occurs most frequently in areas around the waistband or where clothes fit tightly d. Habits d.i. Females lay eggs in folds of skin, and lay 40-50 eggs that hatch and also burrow in the skin e. Distribution f. Throughout southeast 3. Head lice a. some species are attracted to lights...
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