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Ants 1. Bullet ant a. Largest species of ants b. When stung, feels like a bullet 2. Driver ants a. Killed a wounded elephant and stripped its bones b. 40 mm long 3. Slave making ants a. Raid the nest of other species and carry away the larvae b. When the larvae adults, they are slaves 4. Weaver ants a. From Africa – Australia b. Sew leaves together to make a nest
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Unformatted text preview: 5. Water bears a. Tartigrades b. Fertilized eggs can withstand long periods of dry c. Found almost everywhere 6. Adelphoparasitism a. Appears restricted to one family of parasitic Hymenoptera b. The larval male develops as a parasite on the female c. Female is endoparasite of Homoptera...
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