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L3_What are you afraid of

L3_What are you afraid of - Lecture 3 What are you afraid...

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Lecture 3 What are you afraid of? 1. Bug Phobias a. Entomophobia (insects), acarophobia (mites), arachnophobia (spiders) b. Persistent irrational fear and compelling desire to avoid insects, mites, spiders, etc c. Significant personal stress despite realization that fear is irrational d. Not due to another disorder such as schizophrenia or OCD 2. Symptoms of bug phobia a. Breathlessness b. Dizziness c. Dry mouth d. Excessive sweating e. Nausea f. Fear of dying g. Becoming mad/losing control h. Anxiety of attack 3. READ “insects in psychiatry” 4. Delusional parasitosis a. Unshakable false belief that live organisms are present in the skin b. Experience the “state” of being infested versus the fear of being infested c. Earliest well documented case (1895) and was called acarophobe d. Today most common in older people, especially women 5. Psychopathology a. Preceded by very real experience with bugs that trigger response b. Skin erosions on exposed areas from attempts to pick bugs out of skin c.
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