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L4_Biblical references to Bugs

L4_Biblical references to Bugs - a.v Prov 6:6 a.vi Prov...

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Lecture 4 1. Biblical references to Bugs a. Over 120 a.i. Destruction, wrath of God, food, morality a.ii. Gen 1:24-5 a.iii. Lev. 11:21-2 (clean and fit for food) a.iv. Lev. 11:23-4 (unclean and abominable)
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Unformatted text preview: a.v. Prov. 6:6 a.vi. Prov. 30:25 a.vii. Exod. 10:12-3 2. Bugge Faire a. Show up in costume, with proof you participated, bring dish and placard 3....
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