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Lecture 6 Bugs that eat your food 1. How do they get there? a. Infested pet food a.i. Dog food a.ii. Bird seed b. Eggs/larvae in package b.i. Hatch, reproduce, then disperse c. Fly or crawl 2. Saw-toothed grain beetles a. Readily penetrates packages cereals – holes in bag/box b. Prefer dried fruit, candy, flour, sugar, drugs, dried meat, and tobacco 3. Dermestid beetles a. Several species feed on lots o shit b. Also feed on stored food c. Often called carpet beetles because some species are damaging to wool carpeting d. Taxidermists use them to clean skulls 4. Cabinet beetles a. Feed on dried skins, hair, meat, dead insects, woolens 5. Confused flour beetle
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Unformatted text preview: a. Feed on milled grain products such as flour and cereals; often hitchhike into the house in infested flour and can build up into large pop. On food accumulations in cabinet cracks in furniture b. Prefer lots o shit c. Most abundant and injurious insect pest of flour mills in US; line 3-5 years d. Named because of scientists’ confusion 6. Mealworm 7. INFEST cereal foods 8. Indian meal moth a. Larvae feed on flour and shit b. Larvae often leave their food supply to spin their cocoons and they may wander about in search of a suitable place to pupate 9....
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