L12_What makes a bug bizarre

L12_What makes a - 13 Spittle bug a Lives in its own spit 14 Fig wasp a Must defecate and live inside figs to pollinate 15 Fireflies a Use

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What makes a bug bizarre? 1. Where it lives 2. What it eats 3. How it looks 4. Read pg 159-64 5. Largest butterfly in the world looks like a leaf 6. Orchids look and smell like female wasps to attract males for pollination 7. Plants eating insects a. Venus fly trap b. Pitcher plant 8. Nasutiform termites a. Nozzle on head to spray defensive chemical 9. Rainforest katydids (1 st cousin to grasshopper) a. Fearsome looking, but harmless 10. Forked fungus beetle a. Lays eggs in, and eats only bracket fungi 11. Sex lethal gene – can kill one sex or the other 12. Fishing spiders a. Eats fish, minnows b. Sit on surface tension of water, hunt and suck out juices
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Unformatted text preview: 13. Spittle bug a. Lives in its own spit 14. Fig wasp a. Must defecate and live inside figs to pollinate 15. Fireflies a. Use luciferin – false light b. Type of beetle 16. Haplodiploidy a. To fertilize or not b. N or 2N c. Males or females d. Are there any males at all? 17. Insect tools a. Immature ants as “silk tools: “The weaver ant” b. Ants farming aphids like cattle honeydew. The ants love it so they protect the aphids from predators and care for its habitat...
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