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Bugs and the Law 1. Lacey act (you cannot collect and transport endangered animals across state lines) and butterfly poaching bans 2. (1995) 3 men poached endangered butterflies worth $300,000 and were arrested 3. Pesticide Laws a. a.i. Guaranteed wholesomeness and truthfulness of labeling for foods, drugs, and cosmetics being offered to the public b. Federal Insecticide Act of 1910 b.i. A consumer protection law which was intended to prevent the manufacture, sale, or transportation of impure or improperly labeled insecticides and fungicides c. Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act of 1947 (FIFRA) c.i. Replaced insecticide act of 1910 c.ii. Required US Dep. Of Agr. To register all pesticides c.iii. Extended coverage to include herbicides and rodenticides c.iv. Est. standards for label content d. FFDCA is ameneded in 1954 (Miller Act) d.i. Tolerances for pesticide residues e. 1958 Delany clause prevented establishment of food and free of additive
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Unformatted text preview: tolerances for any pesticide that causes cancer in lab animals f. FIFRA is amended in 1964 f.i. All pesticide labels contain a USDA # f.ii. “caution, warning or danger”; “Keep out of reach of children” g. US Environmental Protection Agency - EPA (1970) g.i. Federal Policy shifted from the control of pesticides for reasonable safe use in agri. Production to control of pesticides h. USDA/APHIS has quarantine laws i. Restricted movement i.i. Application and permit to move and use live plant pests or insects or noxious weeds j. Pink Bollworm Plow Down j.i. Major cotton pest j.ii. New Mexico designates Feb. 1 annually as the date which farmers must plow under all old cotton stalks or face a fine or confiscation of their farms k. Federal Insect Control Laws l. USFDA l.i. Checks for insect parts in processed and fresh foods l.ii. FDA allowable tolerances of insect parts in your food: m. Insects as food m.i. 500 species eaten worldwide m.i.1. 200 eaten in Mexico alone...
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