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Important Insects in History 1. Diseases that changed history a. Malaria b. Yellow fever c. Typhus 2. The Haiti slave revolt a. French had control over Haiti b. 1801 – Napoleon sent General Victor Emmanuel LeClerc and 20,000 troops c. By June 1802, French troops were dying at 30-50 a day due to yellow fever d. French retreated – many to US 3. Napoleon and Moscow a. June 1812 0 Napoleon and 500,000 troops enter Russia 4. Louisiana Purchase a. Napoleon sold it to US for $13 mil. (less than 3 cents per acre) 5. Typhus a. Napoleon began to lose troops due to Typhus, which is vectored by body lice b. Nov. 9, 1812 – napoleon returned to France with only 24,000 men c. Cause: Rickettsia 6. Bubonic Plague (Black Death) a. 1247-1352 after 5 years, killed 25 mil. People b. Approx. 1/3 of Europe's pop. c. Cause: bacteria, Yersinia pestis , from rat fleas. Rats dia and fleas seek human
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Unformatted text preview: host. Flea gut gets clogged from bacteria and they regurgitate into the bite d. Fleas are dormant in winter, so fewer bites 7. The panama canal: the disease team a. Carlos Finlay – “mosquito hypothesis” – laughed at, died from disease, (13x more US troops died in the Spanish American war from disease than from combat) b. Walter Red – proved Finlay correct – Reed gave credit to Finlay, but the public and media gave Reed credit c. William Gorgas – mosquito control in Cuba and Panama Canal. 8. Panama canal a. US took over construction from France on May 4, 1904 b. Yellow Fever b.i. Aedes aegypti b.ii. Cause: parasite c. Malaria c.i. Anaphelese mosquitos d. By 1906 yellow fever and malaria were virtually wiped out (just 2 years later!)...
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