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3101 Syllabus Fall 2011

3101 Syllabus Fall 2011 - Finance 3101 Financial Management...

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Finance 3101: Financial Management Syllabus (Fall 2011) Course Instructor: Steve Casper Office: 435 Alter Hall Office Hours: TTh 11:00–12:15,; or by appointment E-mail Address: [email protected] Office Telephone: 609-273-3347 (cell) Prerequisites Economics 1101 (C051) and 1102 (C052); Accounting 2101 (0001) and 2102 (0002) or 2521; Statistics 1001 (C011) and 1102 (C012) and 2101 (C021) or 2103. Any exception to the foregoing prerequisites can only be approved by the Dean’s Office. Course Description This course provides a survey of the financial problems associated with the life cycle of a business firm. Topics include: financial analysis and planning, capital budgeting, cost of capital, and the sources and uses of business funds . While the emphasis is on decision making within a corporate environment, the tools taught in this course are just as relevant to other forms of business organization and to personal financial management . Course Objectives Finance 3101 focuses on two of the four main learning goals of the Fox School’s BBA program: (a) Understanding critical business concepts, and (B) Applying critical thinking to solve business problems. Specific learning objectives in pursuit of these two goals involve a basic understanding of the following: Goal of corporate financial management Structure and analysis of principal financial statements Time value of money Factors determining stock prices Determination of prices and yields on bonds and stocks Knowledge of the capital budgeting process Use of Net Present Value (NPV) and Internal Rate of Return (IRR) in the capital budgeting process Concept and nature of risk Determination of a firm’s cost of capital Key financial ratios Implications of the mix of debt and equity in a firm’s capital structure
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Required Materials Financial Management: Core Concepts by Raymond Brooks MyFinanceLab (MFL) Access Purchase Options: Option 1: Bound Book Package includes the bound textbook and MFL Access. (ISBN: 0132479532) Option 2: “Student Value Edition”(SVE) Package includes a three-hole punch version of the textbook and MFL. This option cannot usually be returned, but it saves money on the front-end (ISBN: 0132706555 ) Homework Homework is an integral part of learning Finance and is the complete responsibility of the student. The homework portion of the course average will consist of the equally-weighted average of the 10 highest (out of 11) assignment scores. The policy for Finance 3101 is NOT to permit an extension of any homework assignment beyond the due date, subject to the following exceptions: (a) A medical condition or emergency (b) A death in the family (c) A University-sponsored activity. In all cases, full WRITTEN documentation is required from the appropriate medical or Temple University personnel.
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