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GEO 103-900 Chapter Review for Chapter 3

GEO 103-900 Chapter Review for Chapter 3 - GEOG 103-900...

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GEOG 103-900 Chapter 3 Review 1. Cultural pluralism: A society in which two or more population groups, each practicing its own culture, live adjacent to one another without mixing inside another state. 2. Migration: A change in residence intended to be permanent. 3. Push/pull factors: The idea that migration flows are simultaneously stimulated by conditions in the source area, which tend to drive people away, and by the perceived attractiveness of the destination. 4. American Manufacturing Belt: North America’s near-rectangular Core Region, whose corners are Boston, Milwaukee, St. Louis, and Baltimore, Dominated the industrial geography of the US and Canada during the industrial age. 5. Ghetto: An intraurban region marked by a particular ethnic character. Often an inner-city poverty zone, such as the black ghetto in US central cities. 6. Outer city: The non-central-city portion of the American metropolis; no longer “sub” to
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  • North American Free Trade Agreement, American Manufacturing Belt, suburban downtown, near-rectangular Core Region, urban realms

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