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MNGT 141-900 Chapter 1 Answers

MNGT 141-900 Chapter 1 Answers - MNGT 141-900 Modern...

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MNGT 141-900: Modern Management Chapter 1 Answers COPY AND PASTE. DO NOT SEND FILE OR CREDIT WILL NOT BE RECEIVED. 1. Management is important to society because there has to be maintenance of organization between the different facets of operations of the workforce within society. 2. Management is important to individuals who earn their living as managers. 3. The role of the manager is guide organizations towards accomplishing goals, assigning activities for members to perform, and encouraging positive individual activity to help reaching goals. 4. Management is "the process of reaching organizational goals by working with and through people and other organizational resources". 5. The four functions of management are planning (choosing tasks that must be performed to accomplish goals, and outlining necessary tasks and timeframes); organizing (assigning tasks to various individuals or groups within the organization); influencing (guiding the activities of organization members to achieve goals); and controlling (gathering information of recent
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