MNGT 141-900 Chapter 5 Answers

MNGT 141-900 Chapter 5 Answers - MNGT 141-900: Modern...

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MNGT 141-900: Modern Management Chapter 5 Answers COPY AND PASTE. DO NOT SEND FILE OR CREDIT WILL NOT BE RECEIVED. 1. International management is the performance of management activities across national borders. 2. The trend of investing in foreign countries creates strong business relationships between the investors and the investees. 3. The continuum of international involvement is the level of categories that describe the extent to which organizations are involved in the international arena. 4. Domestic organizations are organizations that essentially operate within a single country. 5. International organizations are organizations that are based primarily within a single country but have continuing, meaningful international interactions- such as making sales and/or purchases of materials- in other countries. 6. A multinational corporation is a company that has significant operations in more than one country (an organization that does business at an international level). 7. The six stages of mutinationalization are exporting products to foreign countries, establishing sales organizations abroad, licensing use of its patterns and know-how to foreign firms that make and sell its products, establishing foreign manufacturing facilities, multinationalizing management from top to bottom, and multinationalizing ownership of corporate stock. 8. The factors that make managing a multinational corporation a complex task are that it involves operating within different national sovereignties, under widely disparate economic conditions, among people living within different value systems and institutions, in places experiencing the industrial revolution at different times, often over greater geographical distance, and in national markets varying greatly in population and area. 9. Mangers aim to accomplish through foreign investment reduce or eliminate high
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MNGT 141-900 Chapter 5 Answers - MNGT 141-900: Modern...

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