MNGT 141-900 Chapter 6 Answers

MNGT 141-900 Chapter 6 Answers - MNGT 141-900: Modern...

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MNGT 141-900: Modern Management Chapter 6 Answers COPY AND PASTE. DO NOT SEND FILE OR CREDIT WILL NOT BE RECEIVED. 1. Planning is the process of determining how the organization can get where it wants to go and what it will do to accomplish its objectives. 2. The purposes of planning are to minimize risk by reducing the uncertainties surrounding business conditions and clarifying the consequences of related management success, to increase the degree of organizational success, to establish a coordinated effort within the organization , and to help the organization reach its objectives. 3. The advantages of planning are that it helps managers to be future-oriented, it enhances decision coordination, and it emphasizes organizational objectives. The disadvantages of planning are that an overemphasized program can take up too much managerial time. 4. Primacy of planning: planning is the primary management function- the one that precedes and is the basis for the organizing, influencing, and controlling functions of managers. 5. The steps of the planning process are to state organizational objectives, to list alternative ways of reaching objectives, to develop premises on which to base each alternative, to choose the beset alternative for reaching objectives, to develop plans to pursue the chosen alternative, and to put the plans into action. 6. A planning premise is an assumption on which the alternative is based. 7. A subsystem is a system created as part of the overall management system. 8. The elements of the planning system are stating organizational objectives, listing alternatives
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MNGT 141-900 Chapter 6 Answers - MNGT 141-900: Modern...

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