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“MONEY”: SAMPLE QUESTIONS FOR THE FINAL 1) What are the main reasons for the evolution of a money economy? 2) Why metals are more important for money exchanges than other commodities? 3) What is the origins of the 'dollar'? 4) How come Shakespeare mentions “dollar: in the late 16th-early 17 th century before the birth of American colonies? 5) Why gold and silver coins were abandoned in favor of paper money? 6) What is the gold standard? 7) Explain the sign “$” 8) What innovative practices did the Templar Knights introduce in the 12 th century important to future economies? 9) Why was the Bank of Amsterdam important historically? 10) What has been the role of 'fairs' and 'festivals'/'tournements' in the creation of markets? 11) What was the earliest real 'coin' money? 12) What was the most important coin in the Mediterranean world in Classical Greek Times? 13) When did the Federal Reserve System get established? And What is it? 14) Describe the Bretton Woods agreements (basic decisions)
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