Syllabus - SOCIOLOGY 1166 -001 - KONTOPOULOS Soc.1166...

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SOCIOLOGY – 1166 -001 - KONTOPOULOS Soc.1166 M O N E Y ! Dr. Kyriakos M. Kontopoulos Professor of Sociology 740 Gladfelter Hall Phone: 215-204-1451 Email: [email protected] Office Hours: 1:00-2:00 MWF, and by appt. This course offers an introduction to the MEANING [What is money?], FUNCTIONS [What does money do?], USES [How is money made and used?], CHANGING FORMS [What are the historical types (instantiations) of money?], and SOCIAL APPROPRIATION/DISTRIBUTION [Who has it?] of MONEY. We will view “money” as an “institution” and as a “concept” from various points of view [anthropological, historical, economic, sociological, and political]. We will investigate the emergence of a “monetized” economy and the linkages between money, markets, debt, banking, and state finances. Since the course is a survey at the lower undergraduate level, emphasis will be placed on examples, illustrations, and easier readings in weekly mass journals and the news media. Alas, there are only three books on the topic and they are all quite difficult for your level. I have assigned one of them for the class and the rest of the materials will be “web-based” references – enough to make the course interesting and to the point (relevant to our lives today). The class, therefore, will have a significant electronic component, primarily “embedded” in the Blackboard organization/presentation of the course. Several books, research papers, pictures and graphics, handouts, and so on, will be available through the Blackboard links. Assigned book: Jack Weatherford, The History of Money, NY: Three Rivers Press1997 Howard Means, Money and Power, NY: Wiley, 2001 Besides this book, and the materials placed on the Blackboard, we will use a number of excellent resources available on the Internet. For now, here is a brief list of useful
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Syllabus - SOCIOLOGY 1166 -001 - KONTOPOULOS Soc.1166...

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