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Unit 3 Review Questions 1. What color puppies can 2 yellow labs have? Show all your work. 2a. What are the genotypes of the brown and yellow labs who have all black puppies? Show all your work. 2b. What color puppies can 2 brown labs produce? Show all your work. 3. A parent has blood type O. What blood types are possible for his/her children? Are any blood types not possible for his/her children? Why? 4. Create the DNA strand resulting in these amino acids: met – pro – gly – ala – val – typ – trp – stop 5. Explain the process of transcription and translation. 6. Define and provide examples for Standard dominance, Incomplete dominance, and Co-dominance. 7. Explain gene regulation: 1. How does a gene get turned on? 2. How does a gene get turned off? 3.
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Unformatted text preview: Why aren’t all genes ‘on’ in all cells? 8. Explain the concept of Test Cross. Provide an example. 9. Define Homozygous and Heterozygous. How do these terms relate to genotype and phenotype? 10. Explain and draw a pedigree for 1. Recessive autosomal disorder 2. Dominant autosomal disorder 11. Define Sex Linked traits. Provide an example and a pedigree for a family with all sons afflicted but no daughters afflicted. 12. How is DNA duplicated? What enzyme does this? How is it so error free? 13. Round peas are dominant to wrinkled peas. Purple flowers are dominant to white flowers. Set up[ the Mendelian genetics from parental through F2 generation for this 2 factor cross. 14. Define each with respect to the other: Codominance / Epistasis....
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Unit3_Review_Questions - Why aren’t all genes ‘on’ in...

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