actual 3rd essay - The Italian Job is a Gary Gray directed...

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The Italian Job is a Gary Gray directed remake of a group of thieves that aim to steal back gold from a former friend that backstabbed them. Gary Grey found box office success through an entertaining story, action-filled scenes, quick-wit humor, and an array of male characters to relate with. The Italian Job represents masculinity by using many different levels of stereotypes, creating a hierarchy of characteristics that society rates, with self-confidence, intelligence, physical strength, and sexual appeal as the most desirable. Mark Wahlberg plays the protagonist, Charlie, as the epitome of a masculine person because he has all of the male qualities that the film portrays as important; the other minor characters represent foils for Charlie to emphasize different kinds of men that do not meet the ultimate standard. Therefore, this text unquestionably endorses hegemonic masculinity. Overall, The Italian Job fails to challenge the falsehoods of what a man really is and falls back onto one-dimensional stereotypes that are more easily recognizable. Lionel, or the “Napster”, is the least masculine character in the movie, depicted as a computer geek with a slender frame and awkward personality to match. Physical appearance is used first in order to judge people and The Italian Job properly does that for the Napster. In Western culture, men that are more muscular and have a physical prowess would be considered to be more masculine. In contrast, Napster first appears on the screen in a boat on the lower half looking up to Charlie, causing him to seem even smaller. Once you see him standing up next to the other characters, one can clearly see that he is much leaner than the other men, and even the one female character in the movie, Stella. In one of the later scenes, Napster awkwardly drives in
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actual 3rd essay - The Italian Job is a Gary Gray directed...

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