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first essay - Manliness Opening credits Medium shot on...

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Manliness Opening credits: Medium shot on tattoos Names branded with blood stains Quick one second cuts showing hectic atmosphere along with punk music Women showed in very sexual ways Ring girl scene showed soft punch…implied understand of irony since general view that women cannot and should not fight so it is seen a cute and playful Close up on people’s eyes show them looking straight at camera without blinking or flinching Starts show with upward angle of gsp training, looking huge shows masculinity with tight fitting clothes…shows second guy in similar training position, not as big, not as tight fitting clothes…demonstrates alpha male in gsp the champion Scuffle with tate and kos (insinuations of what is a man) “if you lose that fight you better be a man and…” “who are you?” “you’re a male nurse!” implying a man is nothing b/c of their profession
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