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Greatest+Story+Ever+Sold - Know these events and their...

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study questions and keywords Communication Studies 101 The Greatest Story Ever Sold Be able to identify main arguments in the book. Be able to identify the PR and propaganda tactics used by the Bush administration to sell  the war in Iraq; what did they lie about, what did they censor, how did they attack their  opponents, what did they predict, what did they manufacture as triumphant stories, how  did they try to manipulate the press and manufacture stories?
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Unformatted text preview: Know these events and their significance: Uranium from Africa story Weapons of Mass Destruction stories Mission Accomplished stagecraft Shock and Awe Jessica Lynch Office of Strategic Intelligence Abu Ghraib Hurricane Katrina Know these people and their significance: Karl Rove Colin Powell Condoleezza Rice Dick Cheney study questions and keywords Communication Studies 101 Donald Rumsfeld Richard Clarke Joseph Wilson and Valerie Plame Wilson Judith Miller...
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