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2 questions for english - 2 What does Gabriel’s awkward...

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1. What was the real meaning behind Gabriel’s cathartic experience at the end of the story as he shows compassion towards his wife’s pain? Was it a true feeling of love or was he still just as self-absorbed throughout the rest of the short story? Why was he so focused on controlling his wife? If he was really transformed and understands what real human love was, what kind of action was he taking for his journey westward?
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Unformatted text preview: 2. What does Gabriel’s awkward social behavior and the party member’s frivolous manner say about their society as a whole? Is Gabriel’s speech a testament to what they need to do? Why is it that both Gabriel in his inability to socially connect with others (i.e. his conversations with Miss Ivors and Lily) and the aunt’s annual party custom seem so intense? Are they related at all or byproducts?...
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