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Jonathan Lee Their paper’s main argument is pretty clear as their thesis is put at the end of their introduction paragraph. Matt and tyler are arguing that t.s. Elliot is showing how j Alfred prufrock goes from being indecisiveness to regretful. Eliot uses allusions, repetition, and metaphors to demonstrate that transition. In the beginning of your allusions paragraph, you state that prufrock and hamlet share wavering emotions yet the speaker denies this connection. You prove the wavering emotions by connecting how prufrock and hamlet are wavering in their decisions with their lovers, but you don’t have much evidence to show that prufrock is denying this. You break apart the paragraphs on repetition but I don’t think this is necessary since it is under the same argument. It also makes the2nd paragraph’s opening sentence weak since it is not encompassing the paragraph, rather a follow up of the previous paragraph. I was a little confused
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