concert report #2 - Going into the concert I was very...

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Going into the concert, I was very excited to be able to watch this performance by university symphony orchestra. I am currently in the Michigan pops orchestra and the concert mistress and conductor are actually both in the university symphony orchestra so I knew that the musicians were all extremely talented and dedicated. I knew that the orchestra was also made up of music majors since I have another friend who is studying violin and is a 1 st violinist in the orchestra as well. My previous concert that I got to see was a soloist performance and after learning so much about different kinds of orchestral music, I was very eager to apply all the technical aspects and nuances I have learned. On top of that, I have many years of amateur orchestra experience in school orchestras as well as private ones and I know the kind of practice and intensity is required to bring a strong, united performance. I didn’t any of the music they were going to play ahead of time so I was unsure in regards to the style of music or which time period the music would come from. The music without a doubt matched, and even exceeded my expectations. I was really impressed with all the overall sound and professionalism with musicians only three to seven years older than me. The sound was very pure and even ambitious at times with great vigor and energy. I believe that the auditorium really added to the sound, as the acoustics were just phenomenal. The second piece, symphony no. 10 in e minor, op. 93 was probably over an hour long and with only five second breaks in between each movement, I was blown away by the consistency and mental sharpness they were able to keep up. The music program was well-made and very useful throughout the performance. Along with typical information of the music and performers, they gave information on the composers and insight on each piece. Lyrics in both German and English were printed for the Songs of a Wayfarer piece so I was able to keep up
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with the singer, Steven Eddy, who actually sang the Barber of Seville for my pops orchestra as well. Anniversary by Aharon Harlap was probably my favorite performance in the concert. The
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concert report #2 - Going into the concert I was very...

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