concert report #3 - Jonathan Lee Musicology 121 Concert...

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Jonathan Lee Musicology 121 Concert Report #3 3/21 Jazz has always been the stranger in the musical room for me and as much as I have been intrigued by its uniqueness and culture that has been attached to its music and its followers, I have never been able to really grasp the genre. I will have to admit, jazz enthusiasts have always appeared to be this expressive, but cool, group of people wearing their sunglasses in nightclubs and I admired them. I have always tried to get into jazz but the improvisation and what seems like the lack of any sort of key, tempo, structure just confused me. Whenever I got the chance to play jazz, musically speaking, only syncopation and swing notes stuck out to me and not much else. My jazz appreciation goes as far as me being able to say that I really like the song “my favorite things” by John Coltrane. So when I saw that one of the categories for the concert reports included jazz, I immediately circled the jazz combos and made sure my schedule was free. I was unaware of who was performing but since it was free and located in the school of music building, I figured that the people playing were music students. I was right, as the five combinations of players were all music majors. The first jazz combination consisted of a saxophone, trumpet, piano, bass, and drums. What struck me immediately was just how free moving they were. The trumpet and saxophone players were positioned in the front with the pianist, drums, and bass sort of forming a u-shape behind them and as they were performing you could see them speaking to each other and
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This note was uploaded on 01/16/2012 for the course MUSICOLOGY 121 taught by Professor Whiting during the Winter '11 term at University of Michigan.

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concert report #3 - Jonathan Lee Musicology 121 Concert...

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